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High School

There are 33 web lessons. Displaying lessons 1 through 30.
Was the Stamp Act Fair?

Students will examine and evaluate different perspectives concerning events leading to the American Revolution, in this case the Stamp Act.... [more]

Introduction to the study of the Declaration of Independence

The students will understand the founding documents of the United States.... [more]

Willie Rudd and Jim Crow

Students will examine and evaluate the feelings and experiences of Americans during the Jim Crow... [more]

Were Segregation Laws Fair?

Understand the freedoms and rights promised to African Americans were slowly taken away after Reconstruction, and it would take years to win them back.

... [more]

Understanding the Declaration of Independence

Students will have a basic knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and the rights and privileges demanded in the document. They will also have knowledge of how those rights and privileges... [more]

North and South-Impact of the Abolitionist Movement

Slavery existed in the United States during "Growth and Change." The United States was split about the right of citizens to own slaves. Abolitionists worked to end slavery in the United States.... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and the Civil Rights Movement
  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.
  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of the laws on... [more]

Freedmen's Bureau

To get an understanding of the African American feelings upon learning that they were freed and the ramifications of that freedom after the Civil... [more]

How Africans Became Slaves (instead of indentured servants) for the Colonists

Students will examine and evaluate the different perspectives that led to Africans becoming slaves (instead of indentured servants) for the... [more]

People of the West

Students will research and identify key facts about men and women of the Westward... [more]

Pioneer Perspectives-Diverse Opinions on Westward Migration

The learner will explore the diverse opinions on Westward Migration that various members of a migrating family might have... [more]

Roles of Virginians During Revolutionary War Era

Virginians played various roles during the Revolutionary War... [more]

Slavery in Virginia
Students will use primary sources to analyze the effects plantation life and slavery had on Colonial... [more]

Runaway Slaves, An American Experience

Personal experiences impact oneís perspective and an individualís perspective may impact oneís actions. Students will interpret ideas and events of Slavey from different perspectives; that of an... [more]

Revolutionary War

Students will be engaged in an inquiry project in which they will identify and research influential people, important causes and primary documents of the Revolutionary War.... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and Civil Rights Movement

  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.

  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of... [more]

Jamestown Scavenger Hunt
The student... [more]

American Indians

Review of major regions of Native Americans and how their cultures were influenced by geography, natural resources, and religious... [more]

What is a Primary Source?

To introduce the concept of primary sources, the value of primary sources, and be able to identify and interpret artifacts and primary source documents to understand events in... [more]

Civil War

There were differences between northern and southern states.

  • The economy in the northern part of the United States was industrialized, while in the southern part it was agricultural... [more]

Famous Virginian Biography Project

Students will be assigned a famous Virginia to research using a variety of resources. They will prepare a written report and an oral... [more]

Challenges Faced by the New Nation's Presidents

The student will use the internet and the LOC website to locate primary sources.

The student will interpret and analyze information found in primary and secondary sources.

The... [more]

Life in Ancient Ghana, Mali, and Songhai

The African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai were centers of trade and learning. These well-developed civilizations flourished hundreds of years before the first colonists arrived in North... [more]

The Story of the American Indians

This lesson introduces the concept that Indians adapted to the areas of the American continents in which they were located. The students will study and compare the different American Indians... [more]

Our Compromise, Our Constitution

  • Increase understanding of our constitutional government

  • Become aware of the purpose of our government

  • Understand basic rights that are protected by the U.S.... [more]

Causes of the American Revolution

How did England impose its political and economic control over the... [more]

Slavery and Abolition: Three Unforgettable Names

The issue of slavery came to bitterly divide the northern and southern states and was a major factor leading to the Civil War.

Abolitionists campaigned in both violent and peaceful ways to... [more]

Understanding primary sources

Students will learn to draw conclusions from primary sources and to share information and interpretations with a small... [more]

Get to Know Your Bill of Rights

The first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America provide a written guarantee of individual rights (e.g., freedom of speech, freedom of... [more]

A Comparison of Indentured Servants and Slaves

Students will examine and compare the lives of slaves and indentured servants using primary sources and the historical fiction books, Molly Bannaky and... [more]