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High School

There are 24 web lessons. Displaying lessons 1 through 24.
Japanese Internment During World War II

Students will be able to describe and discuss the reasons why Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps and what life was like at these... [more]

How far have we come in the “Freedom Struggle”?

The student will gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made to achieve fundamental rights in our society. They will also analyze how far we’ve come and explore what more needs to be done... [more]

Art of Cynicism

The student will analyze selected pieces of art and infer how they reflect a sense of disillusionment, and/or cynicism in American society in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and Watergate... [more]

Hiroshima, From All Sides

  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected humanity and ended WWII.
  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected: scientists, Japanese citizens, and US... [more]


Impact of the Cold War at home

  • The fear of communism and the threat of nuclear war affected American life throughout the Cold War.
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy played on American... [more]

Integration of Education

Students will explore the history of Civil Rights. How did the struggle for Civil Rights, “the “Second Reconstruction,” transform society and politics in the United States in the 1950s? ... [more]

American Foreign Policy Since World War II (The Cold War)

Students will be introduced to some key figures and major events during the Cold War era.

Topics Covered:

  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Bay of Pigs... [more]

Wilson Stands Alone in his Plan for World Peace

Students will understand the

  • Fourteen Points
  • Motives behind Wilson’s Fourteen Points and why most of them were rejected by... [more]

Evaluating the “Save the Indian” Reforms

Students will understand the complex motives, methods, and effects of the campaign of the late 19th-century to “save” the... [more]

Truman’s Foreign Policy Decisions

As President, Harry S. Truman made bold foreign policy decisions which still affect us... [more]

Doing History: Life in the Early Republic

By the end of these lessons, the students will have a sense of some aspects of daily life around the turn of the eighteenth century and contrast that with their own lives. They will get a sense... [more]

Integration of Education and American Society

Students will explore the history of Civil Rights. How did the struggle for Civil Rights, “the “Second Reconstruction” transform society and politics in the United States in the 1950s? ... [more]

Progression of Political Movements

Students will be able to identify Presidential political platform positions in the election of 1868 and then see how it relates to developments of other political movements, particularly the... [more]

American Growth and Expansion in the late 1800s

Students will understand the economic opportunity, industrialization, technological change, and immigration fueled American growth and expansion that took place in the late 19th and early 20th... [more]


Students will be able to explain how the Civil War and Reconstruction both solved and created problems for our nation.

  • Students will understand how Reconstruction caused a further... [more]

An Oral History of World War II

How did citizens from the United States and other countries respond to the onset, duration and aftermath of World War... [more]

Jefferson Administration

The students will analyze and explain the major domestic issues occurring during the Thomas Jefferson administration.

Students will be able to describe and discuss how the United States... [more]

America's Civil Rights Movement

African Americans, working through the Court system and mass protest, reshaped public opinion and secured the passage of civil rights... [more]

The First North Americans

Students will understand the different North American Indian groups, by region, and the type and impact of their interaction with... [more]

The foreign and domestic policies of Lyndon B. Johnson

As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the successes and failures of LBJ's domestic and foreign policies

  • Formulate historical questions and defend... [more]

Expansion and Reform: Applying the Declaration of Independence

Students should conduct inquiries and research-acquiring, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and communicating facts, themes, and general principles operating in American... [more]

National Debate over Treaty Ratification

War has long-lasting consequences.

Peace is not easily brokered.

Individuals differ in their world view.[more]

Prelude to War

Students will understand that there are many causes of war.

Students will understand that it is hard to remain isolated from world... [more]

Origins of American Government

  • Provide students with the opportunity to analyze and interpret primary source documents.

  • Select and defend positions in writing, discussion and debate.

  • Enhance... [more]