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Three Worlds Meet, Beginnings to 1620
Colonization & Settlement, 1585-1763
Revolution & the New Nation, 1754-1820s
Expansion & Reform, 1801-1861
Civil War & Reconstruction, 1850-1877
Development of the Industrial US, 1870-1900
Emergence of Modern America, 1890-1930
Great Depression & World War II, 1929-1945
Postwar US, 1945-Early 1970s
Contemporary US, 1968-Present

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Japanese Internment During World War II

Students will be able to describe and discuss the reasons why Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps and what life was like at these... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and the Civil Rights Movement
  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.
  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of the laws on both African Americans and whites.
  • The students will understand the impact of Civil Rights... [more]

Hiroshima, From All Sides

  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected humanity and ended WWII.
  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected: scientists, Japanese citizens, and US leaders.... [more]

Truman’s Foreign Policy Decisions

As President, Harry S. Truman made bold foreign policy decisions which still affect us... [more]

World War II Through Primary Sources

To help students see World War II through the primary sources that are available. To help them understand the differences and impact of a “world war” vs. “a small... [more]


Students will be able to explain how the Civil War and Reconstruction both solved and created problems for our nation.

  • Students will understand how Reconstruction caused a further decline in relations between the North & South.
  • Students will understand that racism has been... [more]

The Great Depression: Eating on a Shoestring

Students will explore the realities of feeding a family on a very limited budget by comparing the cost of living in the 1930s to the cost of living today. Using primary documents and technology to make the comparison, the class will consider the impact of the economy on citizens’ health and... [more]

An Oral History of World War II

How did citizens from the United States and other countries respond to the onset, duration and aftermath of World War... [more]

The Story of the American Indians

This lesson introduces the concept that Indians adapted to the areas of the American continents in which they were located. The students will study and compare the different American Indians tribes, their rituals, daily lives, and their impact on the Europeans who came later to the... [more]

History by Heroes

Concept is change. Students will select and become one of the presidents of the United States between 1877 and the present. Each student will study one president. He/she will study short biographies, inaugural address, political cartoons, and editorials about the president, the significant... [more]