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Was the Stamp Act Fair?

Students will examine and evaluate different perspectives concerning events leading to the American Revolution, in this case the Stamp Act.... [more]

Letters from Vietnam

Everyday Americans responded to armed conflict by viewing experience through a variety of perspectives, including the lenses of their environment, its impact on their health, and the community of combat shared... [more]

How far have we come in the “Freedom Struggle”?

The student will gain a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices made to achieve fundamental rights in our society. They will also analyze how far we’ve come and explore what more needs to be done in the "Freedom... [more]

Art of Cynicism

The student will analyze selected pieces of art and infer how they reflect a sense of disillusionment, and/or cynicism in American society in the aftermath of the Vietnam War and Watergate scandal. When the lesson is complete, the students will be able to place cultural attitudes of recent... [more]

Revolutionary War

Students will be engaged in an inquiry project in which they will identify and research influential people, important causes and primary documents of the Revolutionary War.... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and Civil Rights Movement

  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.

  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of these laws on both African Americans and Whites.

  • The student will understand the impact of... [more]

Integration of Education and American Society

Students will explore the history of Civil Rights. How did the struggle for Civil Rights, “the “Second Reconstruction” transform society and politics in the United States in the 1950s? Specifically, why are American Schools integrated today? How did Virginia respond to the Supreme Court... [more]


Students will be able to explain how the Civil War and Reconstruction both solved and created problems for our nation.

  • Students will understand how Reconstruction caused a further decline in relations between the North & South.
  • Students will understand that racism has been... [more]

America's Civil Rights Movement

African Americans, working through the Court system and mass protest, reshaped public opinion and secured the passage of civil rights... [more]

Bossy Britain Upsets Colonists

Students will examine the causes of dissatisfaction that led to the American... [more]

The foreign and domestic policies of Lyndon B. Johnson

As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the successes and failures of LBJ's domestic and foreign policies

  • Formulate historical questions and defend findings based on inquiry and interpretation

  • Evaluate the authenticity, authority, and... [more]

Expansion and Reform: Applying the Declaration of Independence

Students should conduct inquiries and research-acquiring, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and communicating facts, themes, and general principles operating in American history.

Using the Declaration of Independence, students will formulate the historical question: What... [more]

Civil Rights Movement

  • The Civil Rights Movement resulted in legislation that ensured constitutional rights to all citizens regardless of race.

  • African Americans, working through the court system and mass protest, reshaped public opinion and secured the passage of civil rights... [more]

Origins of American Government

  • Provide students with the opportunity to analyze and interpret primary source documents.

  • Select and defend positions in writing, discussion and debate.

  • Enhance student understanding of the political philosophies that shaped the development of the Virginia and U.S.... [more]