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Was the Stamp Act Fair?

Students will examine and evaluate different perspectives concerning events leading to the American Revolution, in this case the Stamp Act.... [more]

The Economic Differences Between the North and the South Prior to the Civil War

Students will identify and explain the economic differences between the North and the... [more]

North or South? Which has a better way of life?

    Issues that divided the Nation:

  • The North was industrial and urban; South was agrarian
  • North was manufacturing; South was farming
  • South favored slavery; North opposed... [more]

Comparison between North and South 1820 - 1860

Review of cultural, economic, and political differences that divide the North and South during the period of 1820 -... [more]

Pioneer Perspectives-Diverse Opinions on Westward Migration

The learner will explore the diverse opinions on Westward Migration that various members of a migrating family might have... [more]

The Great Depression: Eating on a Shoestring

Students will explore the realities of feeding a family on a very limited budget by comparing the cost of living in the 1930s to the cost of living today. Using primary documents and technology to make the comparison, the class will consider the impact of the economy on citizensí health and... [more]

An Oral History of World War II

How did citizens from the United States and other countries respond to the onset, duration and aftermath of World War... [more]

History by Heroes

Concept is change. Students will select and become one of the presidents of the United States between 1877 and the present. Each student will study one president. He/she will study short biographies, inaugural address, political cartoons, and editorials about the president, the significant... [more]

Bossy Britain Upsets Colonists

Students will examine the causes of dissatisfaction that led to the American... [more]

Expansion and Reform: Applying the Declaration of Independence

Students should conduct inquiries and research-acquiring, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and communicating facts, themes, and general principles operating in American history.

Using the Declaration of Independence, students will formulate the historical question: What... [more]