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North or South? Which has a better way of life?

    Issues that divided the Nation:

  • The North was industrial and urban; South was agrarian
  • North was manufacturing; South was farming
  • South favored slavery; North opposed... [more]

Willie Rudd and Jim Crow

Students will examine and evaluate the feelings and experiences of Americans during the Jim Crow... [more]

Were Segregation Laws Fair?

Understand the freedoms and rights promised to African Americans were slowly taken away after Reconstruction, and it would take years to win them back.

... [more]

Comparison between North and South 1820 - 1860

Review of cultural, economic, and political differences that divide the North and South during the period of 1820 -... [more]

Freedmen's Bureau

To get an understanding of the African American feelings upon learning that they were freed and the ramifications of that freedom after the Civil... [more]

How Africans Became Slaves (instead of indentured servants) for the Colonists

Students will examine and evaluate the different perspectives that led to Africans becoming slaves (instead of indentured servants) for the... [more]

Slavery in Virginia
Students will use primary sources to analyze the effects plantation life and slavery had on Colonial... [more]

Runaway Slaves, An American Experience

Personal experiences impact oneís perspective and an individualís perspective may impact oneís actions. Students will interpret ideas and events of Slavey from different perspectives; that of an abolitionist, slave owner, US Marshall and runaway... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and Civil Rights Movement

  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.

  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of these laws on both African Americans and Whites.

  • The student will understand the impact of... [more]

Civil War

There were differences between northern and southern states.

  • The economy in the northern part of the United States was industrialized, while in the southern part it was agricultural and relied on slave labor.

  • Northern states wanted the new states created out of the western... [more]

Jefferson Administration

The students will analyze and explain the major domestic issues occurring during the Thomas Jefferson administration.

Students will be able to describe and discuss how the United States acquired the Louisiana Territory and how the United States acquired information about its new... [more]