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African Americans
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International Policy
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Japanese Internment During World War II

Students will be able to describe and discuss the reasons why Japanese-Americans were placed in internment camps and what life was like at these... [more]

Evaluating the “Save the Indian” Reforms

Students will understand the complex motives, methods, and effects of the campaign of the late 19th-century to “save” the... [more]

Cultural Impact of Jim Crow Laws and Civil Rights Movement

  • The student will make connections between cultural norms and their own lives.

  • The student will understand the impact of Jim Crow laws and make inferences about the impact of these laws on both African Americans and Whites.

  • The student will understand the impact of... [more]

What is a Primary Source?

To introduce the concept of primary sources, the value of primary sources, and be able to identify and interpret artifacts and primary source documents to understand events in... [more]

An Oral History of World War II

How did citizens from the United States and other countries respond to the onset, duration and aftermath of World War... [more]

A Comparison of Indentured Servants and Slaves

Students will examine and compare the lives of slaves and indentured servants using primary sources and the historical fiction books, Molly Bannaky and Barefoot.

Students will analyze and compare advertisements for runaway slaves. The students will learn that slaves... [more]