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Was the Stamp Act Fair?

Students will examine and evaluate different perspectives concerning events leading to the American Revolution, in this case the Stamp Act.... [more]

Introduction to the study of the Declaration of Independence

The students will understand the founding documents of the United States.... [more]

Letters from Vietnam

Everyday Americans responded to armed conflict by viewing experience through a variety of perspectives, including the lenses of their environment, its impact on their health, and the community of combat shared... [more]

Understanding the Declaration of Independence

Students will have a basic knowledge of the Declaration of Independence and the rights and privileges demanded in the document. They will also have knowledge of how those rights and privileges have affected our... [more]

Comparison between North and South 1820 - 1860

Review of cultural, economic, and political differences that divide the North and South during the period of 1820 -... [more]

Hiroshima, From All Sides

  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected humanity and ended WWII.
  • Students will understand how the “Atomic Bomb” affected: scientists, Japanese citizens, and US leaders.... [more]


Impact of the Cold War at home

  • The fear of communism and the threat of nuclear war affected American life throughout the Cold War.
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy played on American fears of communism by recklessly accusing many American governmental officials and citizens of being... [more]

American Foreign Policy Since World War II (The Cold War)

Students will be introduced to some key figures and major events during the Cold War era.

Topics Covered:

  • Korean War
  • Vietnam
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion
  • United States/China Cold War... [more]

Wilson Stands Alone in his Plan for World Peace

Students will understand the

  • Fourteen Points
  • Motives behind Wilson’s Fourteen Points and why most of them were rejected by... [more]

”We the People: Promise and Practice in our Constitution

  • Constitutional government guarantees that our government is not all-powerful
  • Purposes of our government are listed in the Preamble
  • Equality under the law and minority rights are protected by the Constitution
... [more]

Truman’s Foreign Policy Decisions

As President, Harry S. Truman made bold foreign policy decisions which still affect us... [more]

Progression of Political Movements

Students will be able to identify Presidential political platform positions in the election of 1868 and then see how it relates to developments of other political movements, particularly the integration of Populist ideas into the Democratic platform (1892 and 1896) as well as early 20th Century... [more]

Challenges Faced by the New Nation's Presidents

The student will use the internet and the LOC website to locate primary sources.

The student will interpret and analyze information found in primary and secondary sources.

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the struggle of the new nation to gain the respect of... [more]

Jefferson Administration

The students will analyze and explain the major domestic issues occurring during the Thomas Jefferson administration.

Students will be able to describe and discuss how the United States acquired the Louisiana Territory and how the United States acquired information about its new... [more]

America's Civil Rights Movement

African Americans, working through the Court system and mass protest, reshaped public opinion and secured the passage of civil rights... [more]

Our Compromise, Our Constitution

  • Increase understanding of our constitutional government

  • Become aware of the purpose of our government

  • Understand basic rights that are protected by the U.S.... [more]

Causes of the American Revolution

How did England impose its political and economic control over the... [more]

Get to Know Your Bill of Rights

The first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America provide a written guarantee of individual rights (e.g., freedom of speech, freedom of... [more]

History by Heroes

Concept is change. Students will select and become one of the presidents of the United States between 1877 and the present. Each student will study one president. He/she will study short biographies, inaugural address, political cartoons, and editorials about the president, the significant... [more]

The First North Americans

Students will understand the different North American Indian groups, by region, and the type and impact of their interaction with... [more]

Bossy Britain Upsets Colonists

Students will examine the causes of dissatisfaction that led to the American... [more]

The foreign and domestic policies of Lyndon B. Johnson

As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate the successes and failures of LBJ's domestic and foreign policies

  • Formulate historical questions and defend findings based on inquiry and interpretation

  • Evaluate the authenticity, authority, and... [more]

Expansion and Reform: Applying the Declaration of Independence

Students should conduct inquiries and research-acquiring, organizing, analyzing, interpreting, evaluating, and communicating facts, themes, and general principles operating in American history.

Using the Declaration of Independence, students will formulate the historical question: What... [more]

Prelude to War

Students will understand that there are many causes of war.

Students will understand that it is hard to remain isolated from world... [more]

Origins of American Government

  • Provide students with the opportunity to analyze and interpret primary source documents.

  • Select and defend positions in writing, discussion and debate.

  • Enhance student understanding of the political philosophies that shaped the development of the Virginia and U.S.... [more]