Must Read Book

James, CLR, Beyond a Boundary (1961).

Beyond a Boundary (1961) by CLR James, the best book on sports ever written, and one of the very best Caribbean memoirs as well. The story of the young cricketer (and schoolteacher's son) who learns, in Trinidad of the 1910s, that he is too much of a sports fanatic to become the lawyer or politician that his parents desire. And how he learns through world cricket fandom that whites are plainly unfair and unsporting to black people. And most important, how he comes to understand the history of organized sport, from its origins in Antiquity to its revival in the 19th century, and what it means for people of color to take over leading roles as charismatic sports characters, in the 1950s. Brilliantly written.

Recommended by Paul Buhle, Brown University

Paul Buhle, Visiting Professor since 1997, has founded several journals and the Oral History of the American Left collection at Taminent Library, New York University. His twenty-one books include biographies of C.L.R. James and William Appleman Williams; the pictorial history Images of American Radicalism; Tender Comrades: A backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist; Marxism in the United States; Free Spirits, Annals of the Insurgent Imagination; A Very Dangerous Citizen: Adam Polonsky and the Hollywood Left; several volumes on Rhode Island labor and the built environment; and Encyclopedia of the American Left, now in its second edition. He contributes frequently to the Nation, and writes a quarterly column for the environmentalist journal CNS.