Must Read Book

Rosenzweig, Roy, Eight Hours for What We Will (1983).

Although ostensibly it bore no relation to what I was working on for my dissertation (the end of slavery in NYC) this was the book that prompted more ideas for my work than any other. You read some books and itís partly you are particularly receptive, partly the writing style and in this case simply the open humanity of the authorís attempt to recover Worcesterís working class past, but they just prompt scribbled note after scribbled note. For me, Eight Hours remains the best book in labor history of the last forty years.

Recommended by Shane White, Department of History, University of Sydney

Shane White is a member of the History Department at the University of Sydney. He is author of Somewhat More Independent: The End of Slavery in New York City and of the forthcoming Staging Freedom: Black New York in the Era of Emancipation and co-author with Graham White, who is no relation, of Styliní: African American Expressive Culture From Its Beginnings to the Zoot Suit. And writing this has made him feel ancient.