Neglected Book

Lumpkin, Katharine DuPre, The Emancipation of Angelina Grimke (1974).

A book that has long impressed me by its sensitivity to its subject and its close reading of sources is Katharine DuPre Lumpkin's The Emancipation of Angelina Grimke, first published in 1974. Rather than the conventional portrayal of Grimke as a crusader, Lumpkin examines her conflicts with region, parents, siblings, and husband and shows the difficulties and emotional toll of taking unpopular positions. It is a wonderful book and a thought provoking biography.

Recommended by Jane Turner Censer, George Mason University

Jane Turner Censer teaches American history at George Mason University. Among her publications are North Carolina Planters and their Children, 1800-1860 (Louisiana State University Press, 1984), and essays and articles on southern women and families. Recently, she edited, with a new introduction, a feminist novel about Reconstruction, Like Unto Like, written by Sherwood Bonner and published in the Southern Classics series by the University of South Carolina Press.