About this site...

Hindsight consists of Karl Hagstrom Miller, Ellen Noonan, and John Spencer; we are doctoral candidates in U.S. history at New York University. We have developed this project because we feel the web offers exciting new possibilities for writing and communicating about history. Our site uses the web's characteristics to foster historical inquiry -- you will navigate through multiple sources of evidence, explore diverse perspectives, and make connections within this "web" of material. The site is part archive, part essay, and part interactive exhibit.

In our first exhibit we focus on the "hard hat riots" of May, 1970. We are fascinated by this event because of the drama, violence, and fiercely held political beliefs surrounding it and the way it offers a window into many of the conflicts of the Vietnam War era. We have used historical evidence (including some sources previously unused by historians) to craft a kind of jigsaw puzzle with a set of questions. But unlike a puzzle, navigating this site can lead you to multiple conclusions, determined in large part by the critical eye you bring to the pieces.

We wish to thank Daniel Walkowitz of NYU and Roy Rosenzweig of George Mason University for their guidance and support. Without the skills of Mans Angantyr and Kit Warren the site would still exist only on a zip disk. Thanks also to Ellen Sowchek of the Pace University archives and to the many friends and colleagues who have provided critical comments and suggestions. As with most web sites and all historical inquiry, this project remains under construction. Please contact us at men8572@is.nyu.edu with your comments, suggestions, and questions.