Welcome to Hindsight, an online history project that will transport you back to New York City on May 8, 1970. Your mission is to determine what happened on that day, and what meaning it might hold for us today.

Who was involved? How did people participate in the events of that day? Just as important, were there clues to what would happen in the days and months preceding the eighth of May? Examine what you can find of the events and arguments leading up to that day. Do they help explain what happened?

The site has four sections, each one a different way of entering the story of the hard hat riots. If you click on "Newspapers" or "Photos," you will then be able to explore news stories or photographs from the time period. "Places" allows you to go to one of three sites of conflict on May 8: Wall Street, City Hall, or Pace College. "Hindsight" contains commentary by writers looking back on the events of 1970. All of these sections are connected to each other: to move among them, click on the four navigational buttons or on "hot" items -- text or photos that are underlined, outlined, and/or bolded in color.

A word of warning: be thorough. Do not be satisfied with easy answers. The more people you encounter the more complex your assessment must become. Travel through the site and listen to as many voices as possible. Also be aware that many people speak not through their words but through their actions. Can we trust what others say about them?

Beware of flying accusations and falling rocks.

Of course, some areas are still under construction. If you are a teacher or a student, for example, you can use this site in conjunction with other materials (click on the Teacher's Guide button on the homepage).

Good luck.