If you are a teacher or teacher-educator interested in historical simulations in social studies classrooms, we hope you may find some useful resources here. Our goal is to begin gathering lesson plans and activities from practitioners who have found success in using historical simulations. My recent blog entry from teachinghistory.org (found at http://teachinghistory.org/nhec-blog/24596) may serve as a useful introduction. Briefly, we are in the process of compiling details of historical simulation lesson activities we have used in our classrooms to disseminate through this website.

To begin, we have shared a fairly extensive lesson in which students simulate the major delegations from the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 in a deliberative simulation activity. We chose this conference in part for its importance in 20th century world history (far beyond U.S. and European history) as well as for the disparate and interesting actors who were involved. We developed another website which houses necessary resources to implement the lesson here.

As stated in the aforementioned blog entry, we envision this website as one where teachers can share and use lessons. Please consider sharing your lessons.

We look forward to hearing your comments and reviewing your lessons. Thank you for your interest.

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