You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Over the weekend my wife and I were in State College, PA for a wedding. We stayed in the University’s conference center hotel and with us in the hotel were lots of youngish people, mostly with lots of piercings, interesting hair choices, and plenty of visible body ink–and most wearing black, black, and black. At one point we were riding down the elevator with a group of them–all of whom were wearing conference badges–and my wife asked what group they were with.

One of the young women promptly pulled out a business card and said “We’re here for the paranormal conference.” She was the “Case Manager for Myths and Urban Legends” at Long Island Paranormal Investigators. If we hadn’t been rushing off to the wedding, I would have told her that just the day before my students and I had been discussing myths and urban legends in class.

What do you think? Should we invite her to Fairfax?

2 Responses to “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!”

  1. Kelly Kreis says:

    I think that we should, this would give us an interesting look at the people the believe in these things and the ones that are dedicated to finding the truth. From what I understand they are trying to scientifically prove and disprove paranormal events. There are so many hoaxes and urban legends that people believe are true that it would be an interesting way to see how they disprove these things and how they prove them. I could see it being helpful in showing us some of what we might be up against when we start our project.

  2. Jaiem says:


    I wasn’t able to attend the event but I hope you were able to check our website and found it interesting. We are trying to utilize science and technology to investigate the paranormal (events beyond the norm of everyday events that don’t readily lead themselves to common explanations).

    I wouldn’t say we are believers nor skeptics. We follow the evidence we collect were ever it leads (supporting evidence or no evidence to support a claim). We are very critical of evidence, having a VERY high threshold for evidence to meet to be considered possibly paranormal (as opposed to some others for whom every orb or streak is another ghost).

    But please don’t put us in the same category as the ones with “lots of piercings, interesting hair choices, and plenty of visible body ink” ;-)