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Google Hoaxes

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Hi all. I hope you had a great weekend. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page that details Google’s various hoaxes over the years. Some of these turned into real news events and so can be instructive for us. See you tomorrow.

Some of the places/people mentioned in the article

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Here are links to some of the people and/or organizations mentioned in the article from GQ.

Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University

Man stung by stingray and newspaper article on it

Animal Behavior Abstracts

Chickens attack children in California

Chickens and storks in Stubienko, Poland

Monkeys and infanticide (Note it says The Times, January 1, 2004. I haven’t checked that yet, but you can.)

Elephants raping rhinos [a little graphic] (see discussion at for debunking)

Gay Bradshaw

Elephants attack humans

Leopards invade Mumbai expose on the article

Someone copying this article into their myspace blog without attribution (which gets it to show up in Google text searches)