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Well Hello

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Okay so after many technical difficulties, most of which were probably user error as computers and I don’t tend to get along, I have been able to get on here.  So now, hopefully with no user error, I will be able to write.  This isn’t my first time blogging, as I took a class with Mills before, and I have taken other classes that required blogs.

I do have a question though; if we even mention our project on here and someone googles it, won’t it come up as one of the hits?  I know that when I google my name my blogs from other classes come up.  While I know secrecy is a crutial part of this project, how are we going to overcome that to work on here without getting caught?  I know that its probably going to be something as simple as we aren’t going to use the blog during that part of the semester but I still wanted to know.