Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

By Laura Silber and Allan Little

“We wrote this book to shed light on the decisions which led to the horror and destruction. It is an attempt to identify, clinically and dispassionately, the crucial events, the secret meetings, in both the lead up to war and in its progress once the fighting had started.” [1] Such begins the introduction to Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation by Laura Silber and Allan Little. This books sets out to offer to the reader a detailed description of how the breakdown of Yugoslavia came about and a explanation of the war in Bosnia. The books tries to go year to year, from event to event, allowing us to draw comprehension and also to be able to focus on parallels and patterns.

The authors focus on Milosevic and his rise to power as a main accelerant to the Serbian Nationalism movement. His policies and government strategies were enacted in the hopes of forming a “greater Serbia” which directly led to the tension and subsequent fall of Yugoslavia. The tension erupted between Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and in the long run Kosovo. By following the events in a chronological order and focusing on key issues and occurrence the authors give a step by step display of the fall of Yugoslavia which for readers without any prior knowledge is very helpful. This book sets out to inform and teach the reasons for the fall of a nation. It highlights the key players and events, and shows how their impacts directly led to the Serbian conflicts.

[1] P 25.

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