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Top photo: Elementary school for whites, Halifax County
In the 1937–38 school year, about the time of this photo of a white elementary school in South Boston, Halifax County had eight brick, stone, or concrete schools for whites but only two…

This chart is for teachers and students to use so they can see who attended this convention, what the issues were, and what was decided.

Included here are the transcribed registrations of William Jasper in 1853 and 1858, his wife Sarah in 1858, his daughter Susan in 1858, and his daughter Eliza in 1846.

For information on laws governing the life of free Negroes see description of…

The continuum activity is a method that encourages students to express positions on controversial issues. It is very useful to assess student knowledge before a lesson or to assess student understanding after a lesson. Because the method involves…

Map prepared by the Department of Systems Management for Human Services and Department of Information Technology, GIS and Mapping Services Branch.

William Jasper purchased 13 acres from Thompson Javins, a white farmer and slave owner.
In the Clerk's Office of Fairfax County Court, January 21St, 1861 this deed was received and having been acknowledged before a Justice admitted to record.