Lesson Plans

Early Twentieth Century

Harlem Renaissance

Students will be introduced to the art, music, and literature of the Harlem Renaissance.

The Great Depression

Students will understand the causes and effects (impact) of the Great Depression as well as understand how the New Deal tried to solve the problems of the Great Depression.

The U.S. Involvement in the Paris Peace Conference: The Fate of Alsace-Lorraine

For this lesson, students will be looking at a variety of information about the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. This pivotal point in history sought to right the wrongs of Europe but instead created a tinderbox awaiting a match. Students should have some background knowledge of World War I and also the Paris Peace Conference. This lesson is designed to be taught over 2-4 classes, depending on class length or schedule. It is a process which will start with evaluating documents and finish with a compare and contrast exercise. One area this lesson could be expanded to another area affected by the redrawing of lines. I could easily have picked the Middle East or Eastern Europe as a main focus because there was a great deal of information in the archives. This could be a great expansion activity or extra credit assignment for students to explore.