Lesson Plans

Early Twentieth Century

The New Deal
Author: Cindy Lotto
School: Gaithersburg High School
Grade Level: 9th
Time Estimated: 4 days

Enduring Understanding

The New Deal is the last topic covered in the first semester, a closure to the strife of the Great Depression. Using this extended lesson, students will understand the New Deal, its programs, goals, and in particular students will evaluate the success of the New Deal in preserving a market economy.


Students will be able to evaluate the New Deal's success in preserving a market economy.


Unit 9.4 "Culture in Prosperity and Adversity"
Lesson Sequence 4 "Economics and Politics" (the last section of the unit)



This is an inquiry-based lesson. Daily procedures can be found within the handouts.

Day 1: Day One Content activity

Day 2: Primary sources pair activity with 2 versions of same primary source and reinforce content (Day Two Content activity)

Day 3: Adding more documents and defining a Document Based Question (Day Three Content activity)

Day 4: Continue writing a Document Based Question (DBQ)


Day 3 students should work on the Document Based Question (DBQ).


Students with organizational needs will be provided an organizer and will have the steps highlighted. Limited content students will be given the answers to some of the content questions ahead of time and will be asked to use at least 4 documents in the ECR. Extended time students will have lunch time to come see me and homework time to catch up. Higher level students will excel with the amount of open-endedness to the questions.


The students will do the Document Based Qustion (DBQ).
The rubric is the state rubric, found at:

References: Web


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References: Books & Media


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