Other New Deal Web Sites

FDR Online
Developed by Corbis Corporation in conjunction with the release of their latest CD-ROM, "FDR," this Web site features two photographic collections: "Picture America: Photographs of the Great Depression (1935-1942)" and "WWII: A Photographic Collection." Among the featured Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographers are Dorthea Lange, Arthur Rothstein, and Russell Lee.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
This is the Web site for the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, the richest collection of Roosevelt artifacts and materials. Located in Hyde Park, New York, the Roosevelt Library is currently in the process of putting some of its materials online. Until then, the site provides detailed information regarding the Library's collections and resources.

George Mason University Special Collections and Archive
Contains information about its Federal Theatre Project (FTP) holdings. FTP was a division of the (WPA) and began in August 1935 and flourished as the first and only government sponsored and subsidized theater program in the United States. Although the site does not include any online materials, it does contain information about the collection which includes over 600 FTP posters on color slides.

New Deal Network
Part journal, part archive, part resource center, the New Deal Network is a new and emerging site devoted to the FDR and the New Deal. Along with a rich archive of photographs and a detailed timeline, the site also includes quarterly features, in depth articles about particular aspects of the New Deal. The site is sponsored in part by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum, Marist College, and IBM Corporation.

Library of Congress Farm Security Administration Collection
As part of the special collections in the Library of Congress, this Web site contains a number of photographs taken by Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographers between 1935-1942. The photographs depict all aspects of American life, from rural conditions throughout the country, life in urban centers, and the domestic impact of the war effort.

Library of Congress WPA Life Histories Collection
As part of the Library of Congress' American Memory Project, this collection features literally thousands of life histories collected between 1936-1940 by the WPA Federal Writer's Project. Numbering over 2,900 representing the work of over 300 writers from 24 states, these life histories are introduced by a brief presentation entitled "Voices from the Thirties: Life Histories from the Federal Writers' Project."

Oregon State Library Reference Room
The Oregon State Library Reference Room contains a number of WPA art works. This Web site features a number of wood carvings (wooden panels with bronze medallions) by Gabriel Lavare, along with painted marks of five early printers.