Guide to the NMAJH Registry of Jewish Americana

Object Name: The most general reference term for this object.
Date: The year in which this object was created.
Description: A description of the item that includes any available background information.
People/Organizations: The people and organizations associated with this object.
Place of Origin: The city, state and country the item is from.

Height: Height of the object.
Width: Width of the object.
Depth: Depth of the object.

Date Range: The period in which this object was created. These ranges correspond roughly to the broader historical periods of American Jewish history, and to the areas in the NMAJH core exhibition.
Themes: The broader themes that this object helps to illuminate.
Category: According to the NMAJH lexicon.
Sub-Category: According to the NMAJH lexicon.

Collection: The name of the archive, museum, library or collection in which the object is permanently housed.
Reference Source: A bibliographic citation for the object.
Location: The itemís identification number, call number, or accession number according to its home institution.
Credit Line: Indicates how the object should be credited.