Symbol of fraternity, its origin goes back to ancient times. Uniting hands was an indication of good faith in agreements as it sealed marriages among the Romans. The Freemasons used it as well in the most important of their rites, the "chain of union" in which all members hold hands.


It marks reunion.


A tool of the mason, serving to verify the evenness of a surface. Utilized in the rites of free masonry, it symbolized social equality, the basis of natural rights.


Traditional symbol of love. The metaphor of passion is rendered by flames. On the altar of the nation, it signified love of country.


Mythological monster with seven heads who regenerated another as soon as one was cut off. It is the symbol of something monstrous, notably despoism or aristocracy for the revolutionaries.

The Liberty Tree

Planted as a symbol of life, it relates to national freedom and the perpetuation of the Revolution and Republic. This image dates from 1792 when the Legislative Assembly made it official. The tree takes on a sacred value and to knock it down became a criminal act.


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