Symbol of force.


Symbol of victory. It is the recompense of virtue and valor.


-- Eternity: the pyramids of Egypt.
-- Going beyond the self: from the base adhering to the earth, the volume of the pyramid goes toward a unique summit point. Thus, the pyramid marks disengagement from material life, the escaping of self, the spirit toward the summit.



Otherwise attributed to Venus, who could admire there her beauty. Truth was also represented as a nude woman. Artists have continued to use the mirror, and they explain that it means truth because one has no other focus than oneself. As Wisdom, the mirror evokes reflection.


In the hands of citizens, it is the terror of the evildoers and the safeguard of equality. Bundled into a fasces, it symbolized the union of revolutionaries.

Rooster (coq in French)

Symbol of vigilance. By a pun in Latin,
(Gallus = Galois, gailus = coq), it also means the French.










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