Symbol of equality, it is also the attribute of justice


Complex symbol which juxtaposes positive and negative characteristics.
-- Initiator of knowledge.
-- Eternity: The serpent which bites his tail; it indicates extremes that meet, and communicates the circle of time which closes in on itself. It also reveals the eternal rebirth of all.
-- Evil (incarnation of Satan).
-- One of the attributes of wisdom.


They mark the sacred character of the Declaration of Rights of Man by allusion to the Law Table that Moses received at Sinai.




Sheaf of Wheat

Symbol of unity and abundance.


Characteristic tool of the peasant. In 1789, 85% of the population lived in the countryside. It symbolized the Third Estate.


A quasi-universal symbol, from antiquity to the free masons in passing by the Catholic Church, reposing on the magical number of three. It represents the most perfect agreement and unity (in the Catholic religion, the three individuals in God unified into one).










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