Hymn for the Festival of Marriage

Although festivals drew much smaller audiences during the final years of the Revolution, the government continued to celebrate them. Now, however, they tended to commemorate apolitical events: thus a festival, and hymn, devoted to the subject of marriage.

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Hymne pour la fête des époux, 10 floréal (1798)

Dieu, qui créas nos coeurs,
Tu les as faits sensibles;
Nous te devons l'amour,
Le plus doux des penchants,
Rends par le chaste hymen nos moeurs incorruptibles,
Notre bonheur plus pur, nos devoirs plus touchants.

Hymn for the Festival of Marriage (1798)

Lord, who created our hearts,
You have made them sensitive;
We owe you the most
Gentle of human love
By our nuptial bond our morals made incorruptible,
Our happiness more pure, our tasks more moving.

Source: Texas Tech