Public History Review Project Location

The location that me and Maddy have chosen is Gettysburg National Park. We haven’t narrowed down a final plan, but we are considering the field tour itself, the museum located at the site, or one of the smaller museums located in that vicinity. We chose this place because we wanted to go for something outside the DC area and also Maddy has never been to Gettysburg. It would be interesting to write the review on the National Park Service tour itself and be able to talk to the park ranger in person. There are many options in going to Gettysburg for this project.

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  1. Batt says:

    When examining Gettysburg I would highly suggest choosing to focus on one aspect of the National Park to do your review upon. As I remember it Gettysburg is quite massive and doing a review of the entire location would be quite daunting. As for criteria to look for: perhaps you could look into why the specific exhibit you choose to review is more interesting or better placed than the others surrounding it? Does location within the National Park change the exhibits exposure?

  2. cmoschetto says:

    This is a really cool idea for a project. Gettysburg does have lots to offer and looking at a place outside the D.C. area will give you an interesting perspective on this type of public history presentation. You could even compare it to a place around the D.C. area and discuss how the area near this site might affect how the information is presented. This could also be related and compared with the book we read parts of in class called The New History in an Old Museum.

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