Public History Review Project

For our project, Sarah and I were talking about going to the Smithsonian Museum of American History and looking around and seeing what would be interesting to study. It has been a few years since I have been last (apparently the same for Sarah) so we decided we would browse around a little bit and see what the museum has to offer before we settle on one specific exhibit. I recall the Julia Child exhibit being quite interesting, as well as the section on the various conflicts America has fought, though in total I’m going in with as open a mind as I can to see what catches our interest.

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2 Responses to Public History Review Project

  1. Taylor says:

    At the Smithsonian Museum of American History has a permanent exhibit on the flag that inspire the Star Spangled Banner, and how it has been restored. It isn’t a very large exhibit but it is very interesting. Also, there is an exhibit on the evolution of transportation in America from 1876 to 1999. It was interesting to see how the modes of transportation have changed over time. Good luck picking a topic from the museum, there is so much to see.

  2. mvelie says:

    This museum offers a wide variety of choices to explore for your project. If you go without having a set plan, you may have to spend the day there. Not that, that is a bad thing. However, if you look online you might be able to narrow down some of your options before you arrive. I know I can be easily overwhelmed when there are so many exhibits going on and they are equally inviting. Good luck!

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