Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs

For this assignment, I want to interview Monique Younger, who is the Program Director of the House of France (Maison française) of Washington DC. She is an employee of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which is a career path that I am considering. She also deals with cultural affairs - which I think is very interesting as I come from a family of musicians - by selecting and designing cultural and historical project that promote the Franco-American friendship. Thus, her position has also a lot to do with public history.
I sent her an e-mail on the 27th of October, and I just sent her a reminder. I’m currently waiting for her answer, I really hope this interview will be possible.

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  1. joanftroyano says:

    Don’t be afraid to make a phone call to ask whether or not you might have an appointment with the her. You might ask her secretary if there is someone else you could speak with if she is not available.

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