Possible Interview Ideas

I have tried to narrow down some possible fields for different interview ideas I have had. I think I would like to try and find someone in the archeological field for my project. I have always loved the idea of archeology but I have not had much hands on experience with it. I am trying to take classes next semester abroad, and the school that I applied to has some intro to archeology classes! I think it would be beneficial to also talk to someone who is already in this field of work. I’m curious what their day to day activities are like, to better determine if it’s something I would like to pursue. I also would be interested if they would have any suggestions for while I am taking those courses, like any questions I should ask or different fields that I can explore within archeology itself.

To try and find someone in this field, I was thinking of setting up an appointment with the new adviser in the history department who came and spoke in our class. I also was going to look into an exhibit that I saw recently at the Smithsonian this summer. There was a new archeological find that uncovered the new biggest snake to ever have existed. The recovery of such information was extremely beneficial in many evolution theories. I think it would be interesting to talk to some of the individuals who worked on this project, because if I remember correctly it was just a grad student that was running this project.


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  1. joanftroyano says:

    Madalyn – you should check out the city of Alexandria Archeology Museum and try to interview Pamela Cressey:

    Museum: http://alexandriava.gov/Archaeology

    Cressey’s info: http://departments.columbian.gwu.edu/anthropology/people/186

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