The career that I explored was the career of an archivist here at George Mason. Archivists are people who work to keep and build up archives with important information that can be used later. They help preserve special documents so that they can be used in the future and read in the future. Their job is to look through things that might be donated to see what will or could be actually useful for their university or other type of institution. The job seemed like it could be very interesting at times and very dull at other times. The thought of spending day after day going through different papers could make going through those papers very boring. The job does not bring them into contact with the public very often. They do work to make different things available online for public use. They often work in an office cataloging the things that will be kept and throwing away things that cannot be kept. Sometimes they do travel outside of their office to go look at artifacts that may be important to their places of work. The work hard to preserve the different types of artifacts that are kept within their vaults. People who work in this job are usually found in libraries. They can also be found at museums, records departments and any other place where important records could be kept or any place where important artifacts can be view and saved. Historical sites are places where people can find archivists. Their work in those types of places allows them to be near historical artifacts that may be being found right on the property where they work. The only thing that surprised me was that they did actually have to throw some things that they get away, but it is because they need that space for something that may have been more important.



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