Career Explored Through Informational Interview

The career which I learned about was being a public historian for a historical site /outdoor museum. I particularly learned about the managerial side of this type of career and how being the manager or overseer of a large project or outdoor museum means that one often me wears a lot of different hats, meaning fills many different roles.  I conducted an interview with the Superintendent of the Abingdon Muster grounds in Abingdon, VA. (They are currently working on developing a website for this project yet in the meantime they have a facebook page. She is currently the only full time staff member so not  her position involves her in almost every aspect of what goes on at this site.  As the superintendent she oversees the project and acts a liaison between the Abingdon Muster Grounds and the National parks service for the this is a town own park site but National Parks Certified. She works with many different people and coordinates all the volunteers, many of whom are from the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution, though some are just community member who would like to be involved. Her role also puts her in contact with the public who comes to visit the site.  As superintendent she also has a say in the development of the programs which are put on at the muster grounds. She also works with the county to involve all the local schools to participate in their main program in the fall which is called “A Call to Arms.” What surprised me is that her role even entails performing seemingly simple task such as setting up tents for events and other such odd jobs.

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