Career Path that Sounds Interesting (Post for 10/11)

When I was looking through Public History: Essays In the FieldĀ by Gardner and Paglia I looked at the chapter, or essay, entitled “At Historic Sites and Outdoor Museums: A High Performance Act” by William S. Pretzer. I thought this was a really interesting essay as he describes the role of Public Historians who work at an outdoor museum and historic site and how one with that type of position is constantly performing a balancing act between the following roles which their job encompasses: Historian as Politician, as Diplomat, as Performing Artist, as Teacher, and as Knowledge worker. I think that this is a really great way of describing what public historians in this field do and can be used to formulate questions one can ask oneself to evaluate one’s own skills and interests to see if this type of work would be the right type of job to go into. In hearing what they do I thought it sounded fascinating and really exciting and I think it is something I will consider looking into after I graduate.

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