Public History Essays (Post for 10/11)

For the reading from Public History: Essays from the Field, I chose to read the essay titled “Interpreters and Museum Educators: Beyond the Blue Hairs” by Mark Howell.  Reading through the essay it caught my interest that many Museum Educators are struggling to be recognized not only in their field but that the field itself is struggling to be recognized as its own separate profession.   The key thing stressed throughout the essay is the struggle not only for recognition but also credibility.  Museum Educators, like many teaching professionals, work to ensure that not only is history presented in a fashion that keeps bias to a minimum but that it incorporates in many conflicting and often constantly evolving interpretations of the past.  Museum Educators have to contend with interpretations that are not only accurate but also strive to present how to interpret the past involved with the particular exhibit.

Overall I feel this essay dovetails nicely into the career path I am considering in public education.  While the Museum Educators certainly face differing conditions and requirements I feel that the obstacles they need to overcome are similar.  While my intention to seek a career in public education has not lessened by reading this essay, I must say that my interest in a career in Museum Education has certainly increased.

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