Let’s Begin Playing History

So it seems Trevor Owens and I are collaborating on our final project. This is fortunate because he’s offering his Playing History proposal as a model to create (as the assignment mandates) a “modest, reasonably sophisticated history web site.” The proposal has stirred some interest at the Center, in part because it exemplifies the Center’s focus on history and new media, but also because it satisfies the love of video games that many at the Center possess. Truly, what is more exciting to a “video game/history geek” than a collaborative directory of historical video games?

Trevor and I sat down earlier today to organize our thoughts and formulate a plan of action. It quickly became apparent that the proposal’s scope was far too ambitious for two people working for part of a semester, so we abridged it, leaving in only the essential, foundational elements. Another difficulty is division of labor. Our interests and skill sets are varied but not incompatible. We hope to bridge our knowledge gaps with a clear line of communication, periodic meetings, and pair programming.

Knowledge transfer is key, but there will necessarily be some delegation. I expect to organize data and write code, as is appropriate with my background.  But in other things–particularly the overall vision and aesthetic–I’ll sit back and let Trevor take the helm. After all, this is his brainchild.

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