Visiting History: Grant Memorial

Teachers in the 2011-2012 TAH program explored the idea of teaching with monuments and memorials as primary sources

Grant Memorial: Part I

The memory of the Civil War: Dr. Christopher Hamner guides teachers through a close analysis of the Ulysses S. Grant memorial. How does this particular depiction convey the affective memory of war?

Grant Memorial: Part II

Contextualize the tone: How does your view of the memory evolve as new details are revealed? Teachers discuss the features of this portion of the Grant memorial in the context of the late 20th century.

Grant Memorial: Part III

General Grant: Dr. Christopher Hamner discusses Ulysses S. Grant as a Union war general. The design and his physical position in the memorial convey a message both about his role as commander and about his relationship with soldiers and families.

Grant Memorial: Part IV

Written in stone: Dr. Christopher Hamner asks teachers to describe General Grant based on his memorial. Why did people choose to depict him in this way and what other symbols stand out?

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