About the Web Scrapbook Tool

The Web Scrapbook was created by Dan Cohen as a way for students and teachers to use the Internet more effectively for their research and collaboration. It is primarily written in the open-source, cross-platform, server-side programming language PHP, and uses the open source database MySQL. The browser buttons that initiate the process that adds text excerpts, images, and web pages to the Web Scrapbook are written in the client-side scripting language Javascript, which, because it is not open source or cross-platform, has diverged into slightly incompatible varieties that make using it far more difficult than it should be. While as of January 2002 you can only add items to your scrapbook using Internet Explorer (Mac or PC), the overall functionality and all of the other features of the Web Scrapbook work on any platform/browser combination. Dan is working on adding the input capacity for other browsers.

If you would like to suggest new features for the Web Scrapbook, please contact Dan.

Version History

To-do list for 3.0:

- Hierarchical folder structure (folders within folders)
- Complete OOP implementation to ease further expansion and the addition of new features

To-do list for 2.X:

- Add ability to arrange folders

2.0.2 April 11, 2002

- Automatically displays "[untitled]" for untitled objects
- Fixed bug where multi-line text objects were breaking the middle column format

2.0.1 February 7, 2002

-Fixed bug in the copy command

2.0 January 18, 2002

- Added folders, folder-level permissions, and memo feature

1.0 November 2001

- Initial version

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