UCSB Hist 2c: World History since 1700: MIDTERM EVALUATION

Note: all information given will be posted on a public response page unless otherwise noted.

UCSB History 2c, Spring 2006
Prof. Marcuse
Midterm Survey, May 11, 2006

Your candid answers to the following questions will provide me with feedback that will help me to improve the rest of this course.
The survey is anonymous.
There are 18 radio button questions and 1 text box for comments.

I.Attendance and Readings

How many lectures have your missed so far (of 12):
a. none
b. 1 or 2
c. 3 or 4
d. 5 or more

If you've missed a lot of lectures, please say why you don't attend in the comments box at the end. Thanks!

What percentage of the assigned textbook chapters have you read:
a. 90-100%
b. 75%
c. 40-60%
d. less than 30%

How *personally* valuable do you find what you read in the textbook? (not: because it helps me study for the exams)
a. very valuable/interesting
b. somewhat useful/ok for a requirement
c. not very useful/I don't care

What percentage of Equiano's "Interesting Narrative" did you read?
a. 90-100%
b. about 75%
c. 40-60%
d. less than 30%

How valuable do you consider what you learned from the first paper assignment? (My goals were to have you working with a primary source, recognizing arguments and assessing evidence, and also to practice presenting your analysis.)
a. very valuable
b. somewhat useful
c. not very useful

II. Discussion section

How many section meetings have your missed (or slept through/been totally unprepared for)?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4 or more
e. none

When you prepare for section, how much of the assigned portion of reader do you usually read *before* section?
a. most or all
b. a fair amount
c. not that much
d. none

How valuable do you find what you are learning in section--for your understanding of what history is and what historians do?
a. very valuable
b. somewhat useful
c. not very useful

Who is your TA?
a. Rafaela
b. Ricardo
c. Laurence
d. Mary
e. Heidi

How valuable is section for your understanding of the course content?
a. it is good augmentation and reinforcement
b. I learn some, but it could be more effective.
c. Section isn't much help in the course at all.

III. Midterm

How did you find the midterm IDs?
a. easy, fair
b. difficult

The midterm study guide was (choose one):
a. very helpful
b. good to have, but not that effective
c. I didn't use it

The midterm essay question was:
a. fair
b. too difficult

The source interpretation was:
a. easy/straightforward
b. hard/confusing

IV.Website & Lecture; 2nd Paper & Comments

How often have you found the course website useful?
a. often
b. once in a while
c. not very useful
d. I haven't visited it (much)

Would you prefer to have more context/theory lectures that provide a framework for the detailed narrative in the textbook, or content-rich lectures like Prof. Roberts' on Japan?
a. framework lectures are more helpful
b. more of a mix in each lecture
c. dense content lectures are better

If you could change just one thing about lecture, what would it be (if other, note in text comment box below):
a. more images
b. more video
c. more explanation why things are important
d. more interaction with the audience
e. slower pace
f. other (please put your suggestion in the text box!)

Which statement best reflects your main feeling about the 2nd paper?
a. I haven't started to think about it yet
b. I have no ideas for a topic
c. I have a topic but don't know how to connect it with the course
d. I don't understand what I'm supposed to do
e. I feel ok about my topic and the assignment

Please comment on the course: What gripes do you have? What do you like about it? If you don't attend lecture often, why not? What can I do to improve lecture or the the course? Do you have any topics you REALLY want to see covered?

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