Thoughts on Lawrence Levine

I started attending college at UC Berkeley just after Larry's departure for George Mason. However, he has made an indelible intellectual impact on my own development as a scholar through his work as well as the professors and graduate students who taught me. His impact ... [more]

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Jacob Dorman
Wesleyan University

Although I never studied with Larry in a formal fashion, he had a big impact on me. When people ask me why I got a Ph.D. in African American history, one of the first things I tell them is that when I was five years old Lawrence Lev... [more]

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Lawrence Levine Memorial, UC Berkeley, January 21, 2007

Larry and I met and became friends at Berkeley in 1964. In a normal academic year, that probably would not have happened. I’m not a historian and, even though we both went to CCNY, I was older th... [more]

Great Man. Great Professor. Glad I had the opportunity to take one of your classes back in the Spring of 1996. You will be missed, but our memories and your contributions will always remain. [more]

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I met Larry Levine before he was a genius. In fact, in the summer of 1982, I knew him first as Cornelia’s husband. She and I were desk mates at the Library of Congress, where I was writing my dissertation, probably the luckiest break I ever got there. Because C... [more]

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Martin Sherwin
January 5, 2007
AHA Meeting, Atlanta

Remarks for Memorial Service for Larry Levine at the AHA ‘07

Larry Levine was my colleague, my friend and a role model whose advice I sometimes followed to a fault.

Larry meant a lot to me and I am sure th... [more]

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