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Women's Careers in Science and Engineering

This survey is part of a larger effort to record women's experiences in science and engineering. We hope that this project will create a rich public database that other women scientists and engineers will use to learn from each others' experiences. We also hope that scholars, academic and corporate managers, and others will learn from this unique online resource.

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This is a space devoted to the experiences and voices of women scientists. Let your voice be heard.

Were you encouraged, as a girl, to pursue a career in the sciences or applied sciences? Whether you answer yes or no, please elaborate on the nature of the encouragement / discouragement.

Did you receive any support from your college professors to pursue a career in the sciences or applied sciences? Whether you answer yes or no, please elaborate on the type of support (or lack thereof).

Please describe your career experiences as a woman scientist, science educator, or scientist in training since completing your bachelor's degree. Did your work environment fully encourage you to pursue your career?

Was there a particular event or period in your career when you realized that you did not have access to the same opportunities as your male colleagues? If so, please describe. If not, please describe the experiences which have led you to feel that your career has not been hampered in this way.

Have your opportunities as a woman scientist changed over time? If so, was the change for better or worse?

How important were networks of women scientists during the various stages of your education and career (e.g. grammar school, high school, college, graduate school)?

What advice would you provide to young women considering a career in science?

When you attended college/university, did you encounter woman scientists and/or engineers whom you considered role models? Did you take any classes on the history of women in science and engineering? Did you learn about the accomplishments of women scientists/engineers?

In your experience, did it seem that the demand of raising a family, either by you or by colleagues, affect the type of work that you do?

Have you worked with a colleague or a limited amount of partners over a long time? How do you prefer to work, individually or as a team?

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