UCSB Hist 133c 2007 Midterm Survey

UCSB History 133c, Spring 2007
Prof. Marcuse
Midterm Survey, May 15, 2007

Your candid answers to the following questions provides me with feedback that helps me to improve my teaching in general and this course in particular.
The survey is anonymous.
There are 11 radio button questions and three text boxes.

I. Self Evaluation

I attend lecture:
a. always
b. almost always (missed 1 or 2)
c. usually (missed 3 or 4)
d. missed 5 or more (of 19 so far)

I do the assigned readings (textbook, books, essays):
a. on time/all of them
b. usually/most of them
c. sometimes/less than half
d. rarely/hardly any

Judging by my effort and the quality of my work, I think my grade should be:
a. A or A-
b. B+ or B
c. B- or C+
d. C or less

II. Lectures

Compared to other lecture courses in history, the 133c lectures teach me:
a. more than in other history classes
b. about the same as in other classes
c. less than in other history classes

Which of the following would improve the lectures most:
a. slow down
b. more images
c. more in-depth stories
d. more broad context, why things are important
e. more interaction with the class (discussion)

III. Graded Work, Workload

Compare the "10 questions" to a one-time miderm exam:
a. prefer the questions
b. neutral, doesn't matter
c. would prefer a midterm

How do you feel about the book that you ended up with for the book essay?
a. great book, I learned a lot
b. good book, I'm satisfied
c. ok book, could have been better
d. bad choice, didn't learn much
e. total nightmare

What criterion was MOST important to you in choosing your book for the essay:
a. topic
b. style / genre (e.g. biography, academic history, novel)
c. ease of access (library, bookstore)

How important was the length of your book in your choice?
a. very important
b. somewhat important
c. not important

Where did you obtain your book?
a. amazon or other on-line source
b. UCSB or local bookstore
c. library
d. professor
e. other

How strongly do you want to choose the web option?
a. I really want the web option
b. It doesn't matter much either way
c. I prefer taking a final exam

IV. General comments and suggestions

What is your biggest gripe about the course--if you could change one thing, what would it be? (Required)

What else can be improved about this course? (Required)

What are the best features of this course? (Required)

Thank you very much for completing the survey!

Prof. Marcuse

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