Reading Our Bodies, Ourselves

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Every woman has a story about her first copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves. Do you remember the first time you read it? Here is your chance to help record and remember a significant book that has influenced women around the globe for over three decades. Share your memories by completing the following survey which will be used by historian Wendy Kline at the University of Cincinnati.

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What year did you first read Our Bodies, Ourselves?

Which edition did you read? [Women and Their Bodies, newsprint edition published by New England Free Press (1970); Our Bodies, Ourselves (1973, 1976); The New Our Bodies, Ourselves (1984, 1992); Our Bodies Ourselves for the New Century (1998); or a foreign translation or adaptation?]

How old were you at the time?

Who brought the book to your attention?

What, if anything, surprised you about the book? (such as graphic photos, or particular themes such as masturbation or lesbianism)

What had the biggest impact?

Did it influence your choice of doctor or your relationship with your doctor?

Did you use the book as a resource to learn about particular issues of healthcare or sexuality? If so, in what areas?

Were you completely satisfied with the book, or did you disagree with any of the content? If so, in what area(s)?

Did you find that there were any important topics left unaddressed?

Did it affect the way that you understood your own body or your health?

How did the book's information contribute to or contrast with what you had learned in school about women's health and sexuality?

Did you give or recommend the book to anyone else? If so, who and why?

Did you ever contact the authors with additional comments or questions?

Have you read any other BWHBC publication? (including Ourselves and Our Children (1978), Changing Bodies, Changing Lives (1998), Ourselves, Growing Older (1987), Sacrificing Ourselves for Love (1996). Do you have any comments about these books?

Did you ever seek medical treatment or advice from a feminist health clinic? If so, did your decision to do so have anything to do with reading Our Bodies, Ourselves?

Were you ever actively involved in the womenís health movement? If so, in what capacity?

How did you get to this webpage? How did you find out about this study?

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