Submitted August 30, 2004, 6:45 AM

Where were you during the 2003 blackout in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada? (please include city and state)
New York, New York
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I'm a British student who was visiting New York at the time. I was a counsellor for a youth camp in Pennsylvania over the summer, and having sent the kids home, me and a number of counsellors from around the world including Australia, South Africa, England, Israel and Canada, were on the coach heading to New York. However, we got word that there had been a blackout and that the roads into Manhattan were closed. Angry as we found out that our Camp Director had known about the blackout before sending us away, we demanded that he pay for at least some of our hotel room fees for the night in New Jersey. The next day, we managed to get into Manhattan, but the power was still not on throughout most of the city. We had huge suitcases from 2 months of camp, and the hostels we were staying in had no confirmation of our reservations because their computers were down! We couldnt get to any rooms, but luckily the bellhop was really nice and said we could leave our bags in the back for the day. We then spent our day in Central Park waiting for the power to come back on. CNN even recorded us as we were a huge group of young tourists in high spirits despite all that had happened. Sure its not a great story, but how many British guys get to say they were in New York during the blackout of 2003!?!
Matt Cranton
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