Day Trading Memory Bank

Submitted March 16, 2003, 7:03 PM

During what years were you an active day trader?
2002 -2003
How developed were your computer skills before you day traded? What software did you use to trade? Did day trading affect your use of computers for things other than personal finance?
mid-range skills--software is called Wize Trade The chat room also brought up computer utilization. ie, use of two monitors connected to one cpu thru use of certain hardware, etc
What was your employment status before, and during the time you day traded?
I am a medically retired air line pilot as of '99
Did you day trade at work, at home, or in a trading office? How many hours a day did you trade?
I trade at home putting in perhaps 5 hours daily,
Where did you access information for your day trading? Online or offline? From chat groups, message boards, websites, or other sources?
We have reccomended watch lists posted by certain individuals and supplimented by certain websites.
What has been the result of your day trading? Were you financially successful? How has trading affected your professional and personal life? What are your thoughts about your experience?
during times of market up-swings i was successful to the tune of $1000-$3000 daily and the effects on my life have been very positive--just now doing a $40,000 kitchen make-over with profits. Ill keep on doing this day trading as I'm becomming more experienced and profitable--haven't evev begun to tap a prosperous and upbeat market.
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college degree
How did you hear about this project? (optional - will not be posted on the web)

a spamed e-mail

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