Day Trading Memory Bank

Submitted April 9, 2003, 10:52 PM

During what years were you an active day trader?
2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003
How developed were your computer skills before you day traded? What software did you use to trade? Did day trading affect your use of computers for things other than personal finance?
I was an experienced (10+ years) computer user before I started day trading. I use WizeTrade SW as well as Quote tracker, Ameritrade (Datek) and Cybertrader. I have a computer solely deidicated to my day trading activites.
What was your employment status before, and during the time you day traded?
I was employed until March 2001 during which time I traded part-time; since then, I've been day trading on a full time basis. I do not intend to seek full time employment again.
Did you day trade at work, at home, or in a trading office? How many hours a day did you trade?
While employed full time, I day traded at work and at home. I never used a trading office. I averaged about 2 hours a day day trading.
Where did you access information for your day trading? Online or offline? From chat groups, message boards, websites, or other sources?
My main tools are Quote Tracker, WizeTrade and CyberTrader. I also use the following sites for information and charting: MSNBC, CNBC, Investors Business Daily, Yahoo, Charles Schwab, and Motley Fool. I visit/use the "Mind Over Market" (formerly Trader Alliance) chat room via PalTalk on a daily basis.
What has been the result of your day trading? Were you financially successful? How has trading affected your professional and personal life? What are your thoughts about your experience?
On days that I trade I average $750/day profit. During the last year I traded a total of 220 days. My lowest earning day resulted in a profit of $18 and my highest $13.900. I rarely hold any of my trades overnight, prefering to be "clean and green" at the end of each trading day. My trading success has convinced me to continue day trading on a permanent and professional basis. I do not entend to return to full time employment. Since I started day trading, I feel more complete and satisfied than I ever did while working full time. I like being in cont4rol of my own destiny and not having to worry about corporate riffs, idiotic managers or inane assignments.
Bo Komonytsky
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