Webography Project User’s Manual

Note: This site is no longer active and maintained. Accounts have been disabled, and the login and sign up pages deactivated.


The Western Civilization Webography Project has a simple purpose—to teach students to become more effective users of online historical websites. The project accomplishes this goal by making available a database that students can use to create online reviews of historical websites, learning about the critique of these websites as they create the reviews. Because the reviews they create are in a database accessible to all students in a particular class, the process of creating the reviews can become a vehicle for collaboration between students.

Setting up an account

Creating an account for your class is very simple. Follow the links to the sign up page and enter some basic information there, including your name, your institution, the course you are using the Project database in, and your email address. The Center for History and New Media never sells or provides email addresses to other individuals or organizations for any purpose. We will use your email only for the purpose of contacting you in relation to your use of the Webography Project.

You must also create a user name and password for you and your students to use. The class user name should be something easy to remember, but should not simply be a course section number. So, for instance, a Western Civilization course at George Mason University in the fall of 2004 might be wcivgmuf04. If the user name you select already exists in the database, you will need to select a different option. The instructor's initials often work well as a password. All students in your class will use this username and password.

Once you enter this information, the Project Director will receive an email announcing your sign up. Within 48-72 hours, your application will be approved and you can begin using the project. If you create an account in error, send the Project Director an email and he can delete your account.

Adding a review to the database

To add a review to the database, go to the login page and enter your username and password. You will then have two options: Add a Review or Edit a Review . Click on Add a review and you will be directed to a database entry page in which all the fields are blank. Enter all the information required, then click on the Save button.

Be sure to click the Save button only once. Clicking the button twice saves two copies of the same review in the database.

Editing a review in the database

Go to the login page and enter your username and password. Click on Edit a Review. You will be directed to a search page. From the search page you can find the review you wish to edit in several ways:

You will then be presented with a list of links to choose from. Select the link corresponding to the review you want to edit and click on it. You will then be directed to that review's record in the database.

Make whatever changes you wish to make in the review and click on the Save button and your changes have been saved. Note: Once changes have been made to a record, it is not possible to recover the old version of the record. All changes are final.

Note to teachers: Typically, those using the Project leave it to the instructor to approve records in the database for public viewing. It is possible to search the records for you class according to those that are or are not approved. Searching unapproved records provides you with a list of all those not yet graded.