WHM: Music Exercise Question 3 - What is the musical system?



Be the Historian!

What is the musical system?

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The rhythmic structure of the piece is number 2 - a repeating pattern of eight pulses grouped into four short and two long pulses. The long pulse is twice as long as the short pulse. This cyclical pattern of beats reflects cultural ideas about time that are documented in writings on music from the Vedic era (1500-1600 BCE).


The music mimics the cyclical patterns of the universe. For example: day turning to night and back to day; the moon waxing and waning and waxing again; the year continuously circling in seasons; and the planets and stars revolving in their courses. The Hindu god, Shiva, is credited with this movement of the universe. He is the great rhythmist, the lord of drumming and dancing, and the source of inspiration for human drummers and dancers.

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