“Mexican Officials Kick
On Women in Knickers,

Do Not Allow Oklahoma Tourists
to Enter Mexico in Plus Fours”

From Office of EL UNIVERSAL
Room 503, N.Y. Times Building

NEW YORK, July 13.—A wire from Brownsville, Texas, tells of the experience of a group of women tourists from Oklahoma who were prevented by the immigration authorities from entering Mexico, due to the fact that they were wearing knickers.

The Mexican officials with their usual courtesy and frieindliness [sic] were nevertheless not to be persuaded from their stand in allowing the fair “touristas” into the country costumed in the Turkish manner.

The “girls” crossed the Rio Grande in a ferry boat but were forced to return to Brownsville where they obtained an automobile and attempted to enter Mexico over the International Bridge. Here they met the same treatment from the officials and were finally compelled to return to their hotel and put on “skirts” after which they were allowed to sight see to their heart’s content.

The Mexican Consul has explained the incident stating that this rule was enforced due to the fact that previously many women had entered in such attire and had conducted themselves not in a manner in accord with the dignity of decent Mexican families.