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What Kinds of Interests Motivated the Author?

Account 1 [1814 CE]:

“. . . it was with some difficulty we retraced the print of the feet to the thicket, and convinced of their having entered it we returned home, where every preparation was made for war, though not without much apprehension for the consequences of attacking them in this terrific retreat, and the danger to which we should be exposed if any of the Elephants took fright. Many plans of operation were suggested, often agreed on, and often laid aside,—many opinions offered and rejected—for as it was an important undertaking and much, of course, was to be said on all sides—but kill them we must, all cried; but how shall we get at them, it was asked; in that place they will defy the devil—This caused the difference, and like all other disputes where every one speaks and no one heard, we had mounted the Elephants without any settled arrangement—and had already arrived within the precincts of enchantment when it was proposed that we should enter as usual, in a line, well supported, by beating Elephants—and the command to devolve on Fraser.


And in this way we slowly entered, without a word spoken, by any one, indeed we were all too much occupied in breaking through the first wall of jungle, which was not effected without great labor;— The interior was not quite so thick, though it required great caution to avoid the broken masses of ruin, and the half-choaked wells overgrown with brambles, and rendering it extremely dangerous. It was quite astonishing to observe the manner in which the Elephants proceeded, selecting their way with the utmost nicety.


Fraser & myself were employed in breaking down an immense koutah bush, which had grown within the walls of a house, which Time had nearly buried, when a rustling was heard at the extreme end, like an animal endeavouring to escape; (for we had blocked the entrance)—We both fir’d and were instantly charged . . .”

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